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BY: DENVER MEDINA, 09/08/2017 IMAGE CREDIT: 1.   You know Bill Gates, right? Simply put, Bill Gates is an IT guy ...

5 Facts that will make you want to pursue a career in IT

BY: DENVER MEDINA, 09/08/2017

1. You know Bill Gates, right?
Simply put, Bill Gates is an IT guy who founded Microsoft and is one of the richest in the world today. IT skills is actually a very powerful ability. With the right idea and given enough resources, there really is great possibility of becoming extremely successful.

2. IT professionals are paid well
Given the fact that we are now in the digital age, it makes perfect sense for companies to see great value in IT skills. Almost every business nowadays run or operate with the use of technology, making people who possess IT skills very valuable in every organization. Businesses are aware that having people who are knowledgeable in IT is essential in making sure that everything is going well, especially functions, processes or tasks that require use of technology.

3. You can make a better world
Just like how social media has improved the way we exchange information and how mobile phones have made communication more accessible, with superb IT skills, you could possibly build a software or even a device that could make people’s lives easier or happier. Who knows? You might just be able to achieve ‘World Peace’.

4. Flexible lifestyle
There are lots of career options for IT professionals. You can choose to start your own IT firm, be a full-time employee, or be a freelancer or part-timer. What’s really cool about the IT field is that there are tons of opportunities that could match the kind of lifestyle or employment type that you want. Since IT related jobs like web design and development, SEO and research can be done even outside an office, this gives IT professionals the power to choose the right work setting based on their lifestyle and personal preference.

5. Always in-demand
Technology is the future. This statement alone gives us an idea of what profession will still be needed or in-demand in the years to come. Advancements in technology will definitely affect the status of the labor force, but due to the need to continuously improve existing technology, one profession will remain needed in the industry in the coming years, and that is IT.