GOOD NEWS: Financial Assistance For Senior High School

In order to address the concerns of students and their families regarding the expenses needed to pursue senior high school, along with the implementation of the K to 12 program, the government has provided a few financial assistance programs for students. AMA Senior High School supports the state in its initiative to upgrade the quality of education in the country by accepting government subsidies and financial assistance programs for senior high schoool. Here are some currently available financial assistance programs that are accepted at AMA Senior High School:

1. DepEd Voucher
As part of the K to 12 program, incoming senior high school students are entitled for voucher subsidy from the Deparment of Education (DepEd). The voucher value (in peso) may vary according to location and the type of school where the student came from (private or public). The main difference is that public school students need not apply for voucher subsidy, as they are automatically eligible for the program; while private school students will need to apply for voucher subsidy, which can be done by going to DepEd office or online at

2. DSWD Financial Assistance
Students may also apply for financial assistance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD); however, not everyone may qualify for the said program, as it is mainly offered to students coming from indigent families or 4Ps beneficiaries.

For more information on financial assistance programs accepted at AMA Senior High School, visit any AMA Education System member schools nearest you or pre-register online at and be contacted by our admission officer who will provide more information and advice on which program is best for you.