AMAISB Middle School Teacher Wins 3rd Place in Gulf Region Wide Student Case Study Competition

In partial fulfillment of the subject Business Ethics- an MBA course, University of Bahrain students, Marwa Al Faihani Sara, Al Meer, and especially our AMAISB middle school teacher Ms. Aysha Sulaiman, entered the competition held by Pearl Initiative,  a nonprofit organization aiming to promote higher transparency and accountability in the private sector. Corporate Integrity was the theme of the project, which was open to all the Universities in the Gulf Region. University of Bahrain students administered the project on the topic: Anti Money Laundering Policy of BisB (Bahrain Islamic Bank) by conducting the interview with the Head of Compliance and Governance and documenting the policy being adopted.

Pearl Initiative received 70 case studies from 250 participants all over the Gulf region. The judging was a rigorous process that graded multiple criteria. The event was held at HCT Women’s College in Dubai on 17th April, and was attended by top 10 submitters in Gulf Region Wide Student Case Study Competition.