Young Author Group to feature stories written by AMAIS - Bahrain Students

13 stories written by students of AMA International School Bahrain (AMAISB) were selected to be featured on Young Authors’ Stories, a story book that features a compilation of short stories written by students from all over Bahrain. It combines ideas of elementary students from different private schools, a statement said by Young Author Group, the publisher of the said book.

The project’s aim is to encourage a child’s creativity and provide the ability to reveal the children’s inner inspiration which is vital factor in building up their self-esteem, especially after seeing their thoughts transformed into a story and published in a book.

The thirteen stories to be featured are:

“Stop Bullying” by Mufaro Mitze

“PostCards” by Imaan Sarah Nabbie

“Monkey of the Season” by Noof Reyadh Isa

“Emma’s Memories” by Farah Osama Mohammed

“A Girl with Magical Powers” by Hania Soomro

“A Boy Who Had Magical Powers” by Muhammed Arham Soomro

“The Natural Life of Earth” by Layan Jawad Alekri

“Chloe’s Dream” by Sofia Ellena Salin

“The Ruby Thief” by Hanan Al Thawadi

“Charles The Talented Chicken” by Jaycee Nino D. Valdez

“The Young Life” by Adama Mohammed Matrook

“Grace and the Magic Forest” by Shaikha Ali Rashed Abdulrahim

“Time Machine” by Mariam Khalid Al Ammadi

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