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GMA News TV recently held "Learniversity 2020” at AMA Computer College Makati - a whole day of career talk for students aimed at...

Learniversity 2020 at AMA Computer College - Taking the first step towards the path to success

GMA News TV recently held "Learniversity 2020” at AMA Computer College Makati - a whole day of career talk for students aimed at preparing graduating students how to face challenges in the real world. Hosted by Ms. Pia Arcangel and Mr. Betong Sumaya, various real-life entrepreneur, kapuso celebrities and corporate leaders from different fields come in to provide advice to Senior High students.

 The first panel discussion started with From GMA Network’s very own corporate world Ms. Lizelle G. Maralag - Chief Marketing Officer of GMA Network Inc. and Ms.Christina Lao, Marketing Director of McDonald's PH gave us tips on how today’s generation Z can achieve their career goals. "Stay humble and hungry, focus on learning and don’t let the other things get into your head, "Don't think that you are already there, because the moment you think that you’ve already succeeded is the moment you failed" said Maralag. We must continuously improve and learn with the people that surround you in the company, Ms Lao added.

The next discussion inspired students as Gorby Dimalanta and Aaron David, co-founders of BukidFresh joined by Rosiell and Rudy de Leon, owners of Bianca's Ice Candy both tell their “Humble Beginnings, a Journey to Success” shared about their experiences learned along the way in expanding their business. "Always observe quality, don't rush growth, don't over expand and never stop learning” said the founders of BukidFresh. “Start small and learn your mistakes early” as suggested by Bianca’s Ice candy COO’s.

Laughs, excitement and prizes galore in between segments as parlor games like hep-hep hooray and short singing contest participated by students made Learniversity more alive happier.

After a certain topic ends, students then ask their questions for the speakers, each one graciously share their professional experiences and how it can help the students or future entrepreneurs to overcome real-life obstacles whether they start their entrepreneurial journey or choosing the corporate ladder.

The 3rd discussion talked about “Guides to Starting a Business” where Javier Villaruel, owner of Bayongciaga and Kris Bernal, kapuso artist, owner of House of Gogi and She Cosmetics PH shared their invaluable tips like “learning where to start promoting within your network and then expanding more on social media relatives and groups where you can reach more customers online” said Mr. Villaruel. “Start small, take calculated risk but think BIG, Learn to treat your business like a baby as you start, Hands-on but learn to delegate later on said Kris.

The next discussion which got more students thinking is about MENTAL HEALTH, they talked about ways how to overcome stress and depression in school and in the workplace. Lead by Dr. Cely Magpantay – head of St.Luke's Clinical Psychology and Mental Health, backed up by Ms. Kates Ante, a known Mental Health Advocate and head of Anxiety and Depression Support PH, joined by kapuso celebrity Mikee Quintos, #HeartOverHate Ambassador and anti-cyber bullying advocate. According to Dr. Magpantay  one should Identify their triggers, when dealing with stress, learn to cope with it, accept the unchangeable but be optimistic on the side like accepting some situations as a challenge and look for solutions along the way she also mentioned to “learn the habit of sleep and appreciate things”, her co-panelist also gave some very important advice about “depression which is listening”- starting from your close friends or family whom you feel that acts differently or being so emotional - “laging may hugot” to coin the term. If you feel it, then urge them to speak and give them your time to listen. 

The fifth discussion that ended the talk is about “Establishing Online Presence and Staying Relevant”, LJ Reyes, kapuso artist and owner of Wonder Jane Travel Kit, and Mapp App together with Jules Garcia - Asst. Social Media Manager of GMA Public Affairs, together they gave some tips like why you need to keep-up with Facebook’s continuing innovation, also why “listening” is very important to be able to adjust your content in order to communicate better with your target market on social media.

The event ended with satisfied and happy students leaving the Auditorium while some stayed for selfies with the hosts.    

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