By: Chards Bonzon, 05/23/2023 AMA Education System (AMAES) and TNC Group marked a significant milestone on May 10, 2023, as they inked a Me...

AMA Education System and TNC Group Forge Partnership to Launch AMAESports 2023: Mobile Legends Challenge

 By: Chards Bonzon, 05/23/2023

AMA Education System (AMAES) and TNC Group marked a significant milestone on May 10, 2023, as they inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to kickstart the exciting AMAESports 2023: Mobile Legends Challenge.

AMAES, a leading pioneer in IT-based education in the Philippines, and TNC Group, a renowned force in the esports and gaming industries, have over a decade of experience in organizing high-caliber esports events and activations. From humble beginnings, they have emerged as a dominant player, celebrated for their integrity, dedication, and commitment to advancing the gaming ecosystem while providing excellent service to partners and clients across various sectors. They have joined forces in a monumental move set to redefine the esports landscape in the Philippines.

The objective of this partnership extends beyond the thrill of competitive gaming. AMAES is dedicated to leveraging the esports platform to bring a myriad of educational benefits to students. "We recognize the potential of esports as more than just an exhilarating game; it's an innovative avenue to foster important life skills and create countless opportunities for our students," a representative from AMAES stated.

Integrating esports into the AMA Education System's curriculum not only fosters essential life skills such as teamwork, strategic thinking, and effective communication but also encourages interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The dynamic and competitive nature of esports offers a safe environment for students to develop resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities while at the same time promoting inclusivity by allowing students of all backgrounds and abilities to participate. Moreover, the growing esports industry contributes to the global economy and presents diverse career opportunities, from professional gaming to event management and marketing. This partnership with TNC Group is strategically poised to equip students with the skills and experiences needed for these evolving careers.

The AMAESports 2023: Mobile Legends Challenge, made possible by the MOA signing between AMAES and TNC Group, paves the way for a future where education goes beyond just doing well in exams. It promises a holistic learning experience where students also grow and learn through digital exploration and interaction.

Let the games and the learning begin!
For more information about AMA Education System, visit https://www.amaes.edu.ph/

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