Athena Private School for SPECIAL EDUCATION Opens its Doors in September

Athena Private School for Special Education

“We know our children.”

This is the philosophy that guides Athena Private School for Special Education. A new school located in Bahrain that will open its doors in September for children with learning difficulties. It is the newest member school of the AMA Education System founded by Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V.

Located along King Faisal highway, the school is built in a 6000sqm area that features over 100 educational rooms, boarding rooms, play area, as well as lounges. The spacious school can house up to 1,455 students.

Athena promises a more relevant approach on Special Education that will develop every child’s love for learning but most importantly preparing them to lead an independent life after school.

“We will focus on developing every child’s body and mind” said Peter Dunne, School Director. Offering services of Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, and School Nurse. The school will cater to children with Moderate Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties, and Complex learning difficulties. Athena welcomes children aged 3-5 years old for pre-school, 6-9years old for Lower School, 10-13 years old in Middle School, 14-16 years old in Upper School, and 16-18years old for the post 16 Phase.

The curriculum is no different from other state school but what makes Athena different is the teaching approach where students will be taught in at the level of understanding and adjusted to their ability to learn. Also one of the highlights of Athena is the Post 16 Phase where it will focus on the application of all the knowledge the students have acquired to leading an independent life, or hope of paid or voluntary employment after school. Part of this program is developing their money management whilst working in Athena Café and Athena Thrift Shop.

The school is envisioned and put into reality by Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V - Chairman of the Board, and Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX - Vice Chairman of the Board, Marietta Sicat - Area Director and Peter Dunne - School Director. The school has been approved by the Ministry of Education of Bahrain.

Visit the official website of ATHENA PRIVATE SCHOOL FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION for more info.

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AMAISB Middle School Teacher Wins 3rd Place in Gulf Region Wide Student Case Study Competition

In partial fulfillment of the subject Business Ethics- an MBA course, University of Bahrain students, Marwa Al Faihani Sara, Al Meer, and especially our AMAISB middle school teacher Ms. Aysha Sulaiman, entered the competition held by Pearl Initiative,  a nonprofit organization aiming to promote higher transparency and accountability in the private sector. Corporate Integrity was the theme of the project, which was open to all the Universities in the Gulf Region. University of Bahrain students administered the project on the topic: Anti Money Laundering Policy of BisB (Bahrain Islamic Bank) by conducting the interview with the Head of Compliance and Governance and documenting the policy being adopted.

Pearl Initiative received 70 case studies from 250 participants all over the Gulf region. The judging was a rigorous process that graded multiple criteria. The event was held at HCT Women’s College in Dubai on 17th April, and was attended by top 10 submitters in Gulf Region Wide Student Case Study Competition.

AMA Student To Represent Tarlac In 2019 Regional Skills Competition

SAN ROQUE, TARLAC- William Galas, an 18-year old IT student of AMA College- Tarlac, will represent the Tarlac province in the 2019 Regional Skills Competition on May 14-16 at Iba, Zambales.

He was chosen to be the representative of the province after winning the gold medal in the IT Network Administration in the 2019 Provincial Skills Competition held last March 25-27.

The Skills Competition was organized by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) in coordination with the Local Government of Tarlac.