STUDY GOALS | Have More Time For Things That You Love!

Interests, hobbies, work, business, friends and family are just some of the things a student may find very important in life. That is why some students try their very best to manage their schedule, so they could have enough time for people and things they love doing outside of school. Fortunately, through BLENDED LEARNING at AMA Education System, students can now have more time for things that matter to them. Under the said learning method, students go to school only 3 days a week, and the remaining days, they could study online at home or while traveling at their most convenient time. Here's a short video showing how students can benefit from blended learning system:

CONGRATULATIONS | AMA Junior Titans Win Championship In NCRAA 2018 Juniors Division

The AMA Junior Titans are this year's NCRAA Juniors Division Champion, after defeating New Era University in the finals match held at Pasig Catholic Center Gym on April 13, 2018. AMA Junior Titans is headed by Coach Mark Herrera and Assistant Coach Edwin Ancheta.

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Walk With Competence!

According to an article published on, AMA Education System graduates are among the highest paid employees in the industry and a number of them occupy top corporate posts based on data from This goes to show that AMAers are capable of achieving great success in the corporate world. Are you dreaming of becoming a successful professional someday? Make the right choice! Be a #CertifiedAMAer so you can #WalkWithCompetence.