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What’s your dream company? Is there a specific company you would want to work for? If your answer is yes, you might just get some idea on ho...

AMAzing Alumni: Nancy Dane Parone - Product Specialist, CISCO Singapore

What’s your dream company? Is there a specific company you would want to work for?

If your answer is yes, you might just get some idea on how you could turn your dream into a reality from the story of Nancy Dane Parone in our first ever AMAzing Alumni feature.

As a student
Nancy Dane graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology at AMA College - Binan. She shares that college was a totally different experience for her, as from being very studious during her primary and secondary years, she began being more active in school activities during college - and made more friends as well. Overall, she says that she really enjoyed her college years at AMA and recognizes that her education at AMA enabled her to achieve her career goals.

Challenge accepted
During the last semester of her last year at AMA, Nancy had to work full-time in a BPO company in Pasay in order to help her family with their expenses, and be able to provide for her schooling as well. Her daily routine would be going to school in the morning at AMA Binan, going home to Cavite to get some rest, then travelling to Pasay to work. It was a huge sacrifice, but Nancy was determined to achieve her goals and not even the challenge of having to balance work and school will stop her.

Achievement unlocked

Nancy has always enjoyed CISCO more than any other subjects back in college. Among all electives, CISCO was her favorite. After graduating from college, she had planned to work for CISCO and so when an opportunity opened at CISCO Philippines, she immediately applied for it and got hired.

Bigger opportunity

After 4 years of working in CISCO Philippines, Nancy has now moved to Singapore after being accepted for an opening in CISCO Singapore. She shares that working in CISCO Singapore is a totally new challenge for her, as workers in the said country are regarded as extremely hardworking. Moreover, Singapore is culturally diverse; it is a country where you will encounter people from different ethnicities, which requires knowledge in dealing with different types of people. Overall, she finds the new working environment to be exciting and challenging at the same time, since CISCO is a tech company and every day is a chance to learn something new.

Piece of advice
Nancy’s life is a story of courage and perseverance. Her advice to the young generation is,  "Keep pushing forward and never ever give up. Pursue your passion! And if you failed at some point, know that it’s God’s redirection, as He has bigger plans for your career and you will realize one day that everything will make sense. Failures are stepping stones towards achieving your dreams, so just get up and dream high. God’s got you!"

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