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How it all started Jennette Cajucom or "Jen" for short has always been interested in technology and computers. She started program...

AMAzing Story | Jennette Cajucom - CEO, JenCajucom.Asia

How it all started

Jennette Cajucom or "Jen" for short has always been interested in technology and computers. She started programming as early as 15 when she was in high school, and has been fascinated with creating programs since then. While her grandparents wanted her to have a promising career in Nursing, as it was one of the few high paying jobs back then, Jen's heart and mind kept leading her towards her real passion, which is technology. After working as a marketing officer for a few years, she eventually studied again and enrolled in BS in Computer Science the moment AMA College Sta. Mesa Campus opened.

Very flexible

One of the things Jen liked the most about AMA is its flexibility in terms of class schedules. Jen had to make sure that broken schedules are kept to a minimum in order to make efficient use of her time and focus. Thankfully, AMA allowed her to choose the schedules that worked best for her. This eventually helped her achieve her goals in passing her subjects with flying colors. In fact, she was a consistent Dean's Lister during her AMA days.

Real world status

After graduation, Jen juggled between helping out undergraduates with their thesis and machine problems and applying for jobs. In a few months, she eventually landed one as a systems analyst for a software consultancy startup. It was during this time where she helped the company revisit the database systems that were deployed to clients. Back then, securing client full payment was a struggle, as once a system or software was developed and deployed, everything had to be covered before full payment was received - from testing and debugging after deployment, to training all users, and even adding new features and functionality when requested. Jen then created a system to make sure that all these were carried out to make it win-win both for her employer and the client. While these efforts brought results, in the long run, the company still had to shut down, as the firm owners migrated abroad to start anew.

Life wasn’t easy but was exciting for Jen. Not much IT and computer-related jobs were available during this time. As the contact center industry was introduced in the Philippines though (back when it was not labeled yet as “call centers”), Jen found herself joining in one of the big players in the BPO industry as a technical support specialist for a known computer hardware account. She then later became a Helpdesk Operations Manager, and this was where she began to gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and learned how to solve problems for people. If there was one meaningful takeaway she learned that was more than just gaining and honing technical skills, it was putting back the meaning of “help” in “helpdesk” and understanding that providing customer service is not just an after-sales activity but an end-to-end delightful experience.

Connecting the dots

Despite the challenges, Jen embraces the idea of how dots in life actually connect to lead you to something bigger, better and more meaningful. She believes that where she is now is the result of all those dots, no matter how good or bad, or how long or short they were.

"Once connected, the dots indeed give meaning and you’ll just realize how everything makes sense; why things have happened the way they did, and how everything comes into play in the grand scheme of things..."
“...and I owe all of this self-discovery to the foundation and discipline from my family and alma mater,”
“You can think of each dot as a function in your computer program. The whole computer program is your life. When all the functions or modules for a program are integrated or put together, it creates something more useful, more meaningful because the whole program (or application) now has more functionality, more purpose.”

After several years of working in the BPO industry, Jen is now the CEO of her own company which provides digital marketing solutions to any type of business, and a personal branding consultant to business owners. From time to time, she gives talks and workshops about topics aligned to her expertise. She’s also a TEDx speaker and is the Philippines’ editor for Marketing in Asia.

Her knowledge about technology, project management, her deeper understanding in customer relations and marketing, and other business disciplines gained from AMAES and the actual industry, and how all of these come together, have led her to become a more client-centric, more human-focused entrepreneur and leader that she is today.

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