Indian graduates of the AMA School of Medicine (ASM), a member of the AMA Education System (AMAES) in the Philippines, topped the recently-c...

AMA School Of Medicine Graduates Top The 2021 FMG Exam Of India

Dr. Shubham Saket

Indian graduates of the AMA School of Medicine (ASM), a member of the AMA Education System (AMAES) in the Philippines, topped the recently-concluded Foreign Medical Graduates Examinations (FMGE) of India last June. ASM produced 160 Doctor of Medicine Indian graduates last February 2021, of which 144 took the licensure exam.

Dr. Shubham Saket, also a Pre-Med graduate of the AMA Computer College Makati under the BS Psychology program, was ranked Top 1 in the exam. Five (5) other ASM graduates hurdled their way into the top 10. Saket, who was identified by the school's faculty as an academic achiever, lauded ASM for "the nurturing environment for students" and the help provided to them, which in the long run proved to "be fruitful and will continue generating brilliant physicians."

Dr. Puneet Sardana, another Pre-Med graduate of AMA Makati and was ranked Top 4 in the licensure exams exclaimed: "ASM may not be the greatest medical school for other people but for me it was the best. The faculty is world class."

Dr. Christel Bridget Maria, ranked Top 8, declared: "Being at AMA has been a wonderful experience, faculty members are very supportive and take great initiative to inculcate medical knowledge in students."

The impressive performance of its Indian students in the FMGE has proven that ASM is one of the most sought-after medical schools in the Philippines by Indians as well as by other nationalities from Africa and the Middle East. According to Dr. Maria, “AMA school has a unique pattern of problem-based learning which include integration of basic and clinical concepts into organ-based modules.” The modules are augmented by correlate activities, such as lectures, laboratory exercises, and case discussions.

Indian students have been moving mountains to get a medical degree from foreign countries. After acquiring the degree from abroad, they need to pass FMGE that would allow them the license to practice in India. India’s National Board of Examination (NBE) which conducts the exam twice a year revealed that the second highest percentage of Indians who passed the FMGE came from the Philippines at 25.69% between the years 2015-2018. This augurs well for ASM to continue and further enhance its healthcare education capability and marketing capacity to further attract foreign students, as well as Filipinos, to enroll in the school’s Medicine program. AMA likewise offers the BS Psychology and BS Nursing courses as Pre-Med programs.

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