By: Chards Bonzon, 08/01/2023 The global demand for skilled healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, has reached unprecedented levels ...

Nursing the World: The Philippines' Vital Role in Global Healthcare

By: Chards Bonzon, 08/01/2023
The Philippines and the world need  nurses

The global demand for skilled healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, has reached unprecedented levels due to the ongoing global health crisis. In this regard, the Philippines, renowned for its exceptional healthcare workers, finds itself facing a shortage of these professionals within its own borders. However, the country's government and educational institutions are taking innovative steps to address this shortage and provide a unique opportunity for aspiring nurses. 

According to the Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines, the country currently faces a significant shortage of healthcare professionals. The DOH reports a need for approximately 194,000 additional health personnel, with a shortage of over 106,000 nurses and 67,000 physicians [1]. Recognizing the critical importance of addressing this shortage, the government has embarked on an innovative solution. The Philippines has begun establishing arrangements with hospitals abroad to train an equivalent number of healthcare workers who will ultimately remain in the country. This approach not only helps bridge the gap but also enhances the skills and competencies of Filipino nurses opening up a world of better opportunities for them. 

To prepare future nurses for the evolving healthcare landscape, the AMA Education System offers a comprehensive B.S. Nursing program that incorporates IT-based education. In today's digital age, the integration of IT skills with nursing expertise provides graduates with a competitive advantage. By equipping nurses with a strong foundation in IT, they are better prepared to handle technological advancements and digital tools within healthcare settings, ensuring graduates possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to deliver safe and effective nursing care across various healthcare contexts.

To learn more about this opportunity and how you can get started, please visit their official website at: AMA Education System.


1*  Marcos on nurse exodus: We’re victims of our success

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